Responding to Extreme Heat Conditions

UPDATED July 11 and July 18 Matir Asurim learned, from inside Florida’s Death Row, that extreme heat conditions are endangering incarcerated people and staff alike. Even “normal” summer temperatures can be damaging to health without cooling measures. The aging UCI facility is not providing adequate cooling to protect the health of those inside. This document … Read more

Fringes, Still in the Wilderness

New this month in Torah Explorations: “Still in the Wilderness” — some thoughts on holiness, crowds, and grumbling (Numbers 8 – 18). “What Will We Make Different this Year?” by Jay Stanton, plus more thoughts on “fringes.” READ AND SHARE Divrei Matir Asurim [Matir Asurim Words/Matter]: Follow the links above to read on-line, and/or download … Read more