• Rosh Hashanah Letter-Writing – Sept. 18th 2022

    Join Matir Asurim to wish our members on the inside a sweet new year! Sunday, Sept. 18th at 5pm EST

    Registration Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwvcuigrjMrHtJH2T5xcyStMCRQHbu-srbi

  • June Penpal Training – 6/26 – 10-11:30AM PDT

    We are holding our next penpal training and introduction to our penpal programwhich connects penpals from the outside (non-incarcerated) with folks on the inside (incarcerated). The training will include info about our guiding principles, structure, logistics, and some reflection time on penpal relationships.

    This session will be on Sunday June 26th from 10-11:30 PDT / 1-2:30 ET

    Register Here

    Current penpals are also invited to lead a ritual, opening, or song, or sharing about their experience being a penpal during this meeting. If interested, please email us by Tuesday June 21st.

  • Introductions to Abolition with Matir Asurim – 6/5/22 – 12:00PM EDT

    This Shavuot, join organizers, volunteers, and supporters of Matir Asurim: Jewish Care Network for Incarcerated People, as we deepen our learning about abolition.

    Together with Enzi Tanner and Alona Weimer, we will explore the basics of abolition, engage questions like what does abolition mean to us, and discuss how we can connect our abolition with our Jewishness, spirituality, tradition and culture.