Matir Asurim in Action

Matir Asurim is a network designed to support and empower incarcerated folks and their loved ones, as well as chaplains working in prisons. Matir Asurim also seeks to educate communities on the outside about ways to support those affected by mass incarceration.

Our network is built around five pathways to action, shown in the image below as the branches of a tree.

Matir Asurim Network Tree

We welcome folks to join the network, whether they are currently incarcerated or living on the outside. We especially are looking for outside penpals to be matched with incarcerated folks. If you want to get involved with our Penpal Program, know a chaplain who would benefit from being a part of the network, or want to know about other ways to take action with Matir Asurim, fill out our interest form or send us a message at

If you know someone who is currently incarcerated and want to have them added to our mailing lists, feel free to email us with their details, or send them an interest form, which can be mailed to us.

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