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Kindred Advocacy: Info and Action

Many kindred organizations provide important related information and/or suggesting actions in support of incarcerated Jews and those around them. Here are a few in touch with Matir Asurim:


FreeHer: The National Campaign

FreeHer: The National Campaign works across the U.S. with a special focus on Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Matir Asurim members in the New England area work with FreeHer in supporting this effort led by incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and girls. In addition to state-specific campaigns, FreeHer asks those able and willing to engage in national advocacy on issues including clemency.


Interfaith Action for Human Rights

Interfaith Action for Human Rights (IAHR) represents people of faith and allies who educate and advocate in Maryland, DC, and Virginia for corrections systems to abolish unnecessarily punitive practices such as solitary confinement and to instead focus on rehabilitation and successful reentry of our citizens. They join with Matir Asurim in seeking to end solitary confinement, by any name.

IAHR asks those with connections to DC, Maryland, and Virginia to take action on specific legislative proposals regarding solitary confinement.


L’Chaim: Jews Against the Death Penalty

L’Chaim: Jews Against Death Penalty organizes messages of support for anyone with an active death warrant, and at the same time, advocacy for clemency. The organization also establishes pen pal relationships with Jews and others on death row. When there is an execution, L’Chaim offers memorial prayers for victims in the case and, at the same time, speaks for an end to capital punishment. Chaplain Mike Zoosman, co-founder of the organization, shared a presentation with Matir Asurim in June 2023. Here is a report of that presentation and related links. (L’Chaim operates on Facebook. See also Jewish Action page of Death Penalty Action and the more general Death Penalty Information.

L’Chaim asks those who are able and willing to regularly — daily, if possible — contact governors who have active death warrants in their states. Calls or emails can mention specific individuals with death warrants and/or focus on the death penalty more widely. Here are the current governors to contact:

1) Alabama (Lethal injection or gas chamber)

Current death warrants (May 2024):

Jamie Mills – May 30, 2024

Keith Gavin – July 18, 2024

Alan Miller – Sept. 26, 2024

CONTACT: Governor Kay Ivey (334) 242-7100.

2) Oklahoma (Lethal injection, gas chamber, electrocution or firing squad)

Wade Greely Lay – June 6, 2024

others TBD

CONTACT: Governor Kevin Stitt – 405-521-2342, press 0.

3) Texas (Lethal injection)

Ramiro Gonzales – June 26th

Reuben Gutierrez – July 16th

Arthur Lee Burton – August 7th

CONTACT: Governor Greg Abbott: 512-463-2000. (If this number does not work for some reason, please also try the governor here: 512-463-1782.)

4) Missouri (Lethal injection)

David Hosier – June 11th (Erev Shavuot)

CONTACT: Governor Mike Parson: (573) 751-3222.

David Hosier – June 11th (Erev Shavuot)