General Meeting, Team News, and more

Matir Asurim is experimenting with expanding communications, to make our work and our hopes and our plans easier to access for all interested, and to make input from folks inside and outside easier to incorporate in our decision-making. This Late May edition of the brand new “Divrei Matir Asurim: Matir Asurim Words/Matters” includes summaries of recent general and team meetings. Also new as part of the communication experiment is “Matir Asurim Torah Explorations.”

Please check out the new offerings and let us know what works, what more/different you’d like to see, and what you’d like to contribute yourself.

Here is the first edition of Divrei Matir Asurim: Matir Asurim Words/Matters, on-line.

Here is a formatted newsletter version (PDF) and an unformatted/text version.

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