Meeting and Team News

Check out this month’s organizational news in the Tammuz edition of Dirvrei Matir Asurim. Read on-line and/or download the whole edition in formatted version or straight text.

Special topic, from June 14 General Meeting: Jews and the Death Penalty.

Please share with inside members:

These reports on general meetings and teams/working groups provide inside members, and others who are unable to attend meetings, summaries of happenings within Matir Asurim. We will also share inside members’ responses. Please forward to inside pen pals.

A few key items this month for outside members:

Penpal Community Hour on Zoom. On Sunday, July 16th from 6-7pm EST, we will offer a monthly Penpal Community Hour on Zoom for those with incarcerated penpals. Please register here.

Reimbursements: We are excited to share that we are able to reimburse Matir Asurim penpals for postage expenses spent on penpals. Details here.

Shutim (“Questions and Answers”): Shutim is a new column in Matir Asurim mailings that responds to questions that folks inside are asking about how to do Jewish practices while incarcerated. Use this form to submit questions. Or send questions to: Matir Asurim. PO Box 18858, Philadelphia, PA 19119.

Seeking interviewees for Prison Chaplaincy Oral History Project!

Shir, one of our Matir Asurim organizers, is collecting stories from prison chaplains (paid or volunteer) across faith traditions. They are interested in learning how people came to prison chaplaincy, how they understand “spiritual resilience” in the context of prison chaplaincy, and how they see their role as prison chaplains fitting into wider conversations about abolition. Please share information with chaplains who might be interested — details and form.

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